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After the stupendous success of Veeram, Vedhalam and Vivegam, Ajith and director Shiva are joining hands for the fourth time

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Then its Kumar 8767 s turn for his love story with 8766 Rajni 8767 Radha (Nikki Galrani). This romance is just as boring, unimaginative and cliched and everything else about the other romance applies here too. Sathish takes Soori 8767 s place for the comedy but is not any more successful in making us laugh. Kumar being a Dhoni fan and Radha being a Rajni fan allows references to them both  (the director probably thought that this was enough to bring in the fans but the few who wandered in are probably pissed off at the director for inserting their heroes into this movie). The director also comes to the realization that the Pandi-Nadhiya segment missed one key aspect vulgarity and adds that in the form of a kabaddi match.

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The film follows Thani Oruvan 8766 s MO by giving us a single bad guy as the focal point of all the digital wrongdoings Kathiravan and many others fall victim to. Here its Sathyamoorthy (Arjun) whose online identity is 8766 White Devil 8767 . His motivations and ambitions are unique in that he is after information and data. He never gets his hands dirty and controls his empire from a room and holds the upper hand for quite some time (the meeting between Kathiravan and him in the elevator is terrific). Things get a bit simplistic as he is brought out into the open too easily and quickly but its nice that he is given a taste of his own medicine at the end.

As if the horror genre hasn 8767 t been diluted enough with comedy in Tamil cinema, director Santhosh P. Jayakumar adds another element sex to the mix. With partner in crime Gautham Karthik (the two of them did Hara Hara Mahadevaki , another sex comedy, before this) we get Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu , a horror sex comedy. Unfortunately both comedy and horror get short shrift with all the focus on sex.

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Kaathalin Kaathalinru x5665 evi Vazhi Pughunthathu
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Isai Vantha Paathai Vazhi Thamizh Mella Nuzhainthathu
Isai Vantha Dhisai Paarthu Manam Kuzhainthaen
Thamizh Vantha Dhisai Paarthu Uyir Kasinthaen
Anjali Anjali Ival ThalaikKaathali..

Anjali Anjali Pushpaanjali
Anjali Anjali Pushpaanjali
Poovae Un Paathathil Pushpaanjali
Ponne Un Peyarukku Ponnaanjali
Kanne Un Kuralukku Geethaanjali
Kan Kaanaa Azhaghirkku Kavithaanjali

ARUVI REVIEW: Aruvi is a superbly written drama centred around a unique character that unfolds as a thriller, a black comedy, an awareness movie, and a tragedy. The film is so effortlessly crowd-pleasing — and also tremendously moving. This is, by far, the most unconventional among the recent new-age films, with a bravura lead performance by Aditi Balan. It is certainly one of the most sparkling acting debuts Tamil cinema has seen in a while, and Aditi beautifully realises the complex nature of the character without trying hard to make her Aruvi endearing. Even in the final portions, when there are tragic tones, the actress doesn 8767 t resort to melodrama and performs this role in a matter-of-fact manner.

The story appears to eventually settle down as a straightforward tale of revenge as Sketch 8767 s friends are killed. But it introduces some suspense into the mix by muddling the waters about who is behind these murders. Enough characters have been introduced by then to prolong the suspense and the red herrings, some of which are obvious, work. The eventual revelation is a good surprise as is the somewhat downbeat ending but the way things are tied to the message at the end is clumsy.

I mentioned in the Irumbu Thirai review that it was nice that the screenplay flowed smoothly without the different aspects being compartmentalized. The romance in Sketch  is an example of how things look when they are compartmentalized. The track is not convincing and has no connection to the main track other than Sketch 8767 s profession facilitating their initial meetings. Amutha (Tamannah) exists solely to praise Sketch he has a gruff exterior with a soft heart, something that could describe all our rowdies when they are played by big stars and accompany him for duets. The only consolation is that she is shown as being level-headed and calm even when her love is being threatened.

Its pretty difficult to make a movie with double roles uninteresting since having two characters who look alike leads to so many opportunities for confusion, comedy and chaos. But director Surya achieves the impossible with Pakka , giving Vikram Prabhu 8767 s once-promising career one more push down the drain. Vikram plays both Pandi and 8766 Dhoni 8767 Kumar but has no opportunity to differentiate even a tiny bit between them. It wouldn 8767 t have mattered even if he did since the story doesn 8767 t let the two characters interact until near the end and creates absolutely no situation throughout where their physical similarity makes an iota of difference.